New Consumer Technologies Are Disrupting the Marketplace

  • Innovative consumer technologies and smart devices are changing how we work and live.
  • Learn how to harness these technologies at the "Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise

Some of the hottest consumer gadgets and technologies were unveiled at the 2014 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in January.  Wearable devices, embedded sensors, self-driving cars, and 3D printing were among the technologies that fueled excitement and captured attendees’ attention. Promising to simplify consumers’ lives, these uber-cool products are the latest disruptors on the technology scene.

New Consumer Technologies Are Disrupting the Marketplace4 14

Next generation consumer technologies are also changing how we how work, interact with customers, and grow our business. They are creating opportunities in the healthcare, transportation, and restaurant industry — to name a few. Smart, wearable devices are set to revolutionize healthcare by allowing physicians and clinicians to diagnose and administer care remotely. Embedded sensors are enabling transportation companies to better track and manage critical assets in the field.  Fine dining establishments are experimenting with 3D printing to create unique cuisines.

Although some of these technologies were developed with the consumer market in mind, enterprise leaders are taking notice as they look for ways to innovate and move their businesses forward. They are tapping into mobile, cloud, big data, and embedded and wearable devices to help improve their company’s bottom line.

While the potential benefit can be great, capitalizing on next-generation enterprise technologies can be a complex and challenging undertaking. If you are planning to attend the Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise (CITE) event on April 27 – 29 in San Francisco, sign up for the AT&T session,  “5 Considerations for the Next-Generation Work Environment” to learn about the foundational components businesses need to consider when embarking on new technologies to create a powerful and sustainable competitive advantage.

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