As today’s shoppers depend on their mobile devices more frequently, retailers need to incorporate mobility into their omni-channel strategies. According to an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report commissioned by AT&T titled, The New Retail: From Mobile Aspirations to Business Results, mobile devices and technologies are having a major impact on key business drivers and on various stages of the purchasing lifecycle.
Still, retailers tend to lag behind in integrating an effective mobility approach. In fact, 84% of retail respondents rated mobile devices and apps as important to a successful omni-channel experience, but only 28% see themselves as an industry leader or early adopter of innovative mobile technologies to better serve their customers.

How can retailers capitalize on consumers’ need for instantaneous interaction? Read the report below to learn how retailers rank their mobility advancements and which approaches they are implementing.

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Overall, mobile technologies will have a positive effect on customer engagement and key business metrics that matter to retailers’ business performance. Ultimately, mobile technologies are widely expected to benefit the two most important objectives for retail operators: profitability and customer experience. The trick for retail operators will be to transform their strategies to reap these benefits...