Learn how to successfully manage mobile devices for work and play

  • Next generation MDM solutions help bridge the gap between work and life.

  • MAM enables controlled app distribution and monitoring.

  • -MCM provides secure mobile email and containerized attachments.

When it comes to enterprise mobility, employees are like water; they follow the path of least resistance. They’ll invariably turn to familiar tools and easy shortcuts to get things done. But these practices often expose the organization to unnecessary risk, furrowing the brow of their security-conscious IT department.

Frost & Sullivan’s video clip, The Evolution of Mobile Management, explores this issue, along with the notion that early mobile device management (MDM) solutions didn’t anticipate the schism that would open up between IT-sanctioned approaches and employee autonomy.

The clip discusses core features of the next-generation MDM, Mobile App Management (MAM) and Mobile Content Management (MCM), which have developed as an evolutionary response to pressure from employees to manage work and life on a single device.

Find out how this next generation of mobile devices for work and play allows employees to carry a single device, loaded with their favorite games, music, and apps, with protected access to corporate productivity tools, applications, and files. Watch the video and learn more about MAM and MCM, today’s best practices for distributing mobile apps and content.

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