No Rest For The Weary

The number, frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks is growing. While yesterday’s viruses and worms show no signs of relenting, there is a steady stream of new and evolving threats out to undermine information-reliant businesses, from phishing scams and malware to DDoS attacks that can bring an organization to its knees. And as fraudsters and “hacktivists” target the weakest point of ingress, mobile is set to emerge as their channel of choice. In “No rest for the weary”, Michael Singer, Assistant VP of Security at AT&T answers your most pressing questions on security threats and how to mitigate them.

This candid Q&A reveals how new business models are driving cyber attack trends, and how to detect and thwart them, including:


  • The top security concerns facing businesses today
  • What makes DDoS threats more disruptive than ever
  • Emerging patterns in advanced persistent threats
  • Effective steps and strategies to fortify your defenses, including mobile
  • Why security isn’t just an IT problem
Read the full article to find out how preventative measures and a new mindset can minimize security threats to your business.
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