Not for laughs: Tools of the Adversarial Reviewer

Peer review in technical journals “keeps everyone on their toes.” It is a way to make sure that certain standards are practiced to ensure accuracy and reliability in the finished work.

However, some reviewers can tend to relish in being adversarial just for the sake of being adversarial. Fortunately for the reviewer who aspires to deliver good content, there are key warnings that a reviewer is taking an adversarial, counter-productive approach — often for ulterior purposes.

In this salient work, Graham Cormode cites common practices used to denigrate the work of a writer. This comprehensive White Paper can be very useful for the writer to know what to expect and “write around the obstacles.” It is also good for readers to know the tactics and weapons such adversarial reviewers tend to deploy.

In a field where we need competent, astute reviewers to detect obvious errors, this White Paper from Cormode helps readers and writers to steer clear of the “negative naysayers” who would do more harm than good.

Read the White Paper now.
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