NRF Big Show Turns Up the Temperature in NYC

The National Retail Federation (NRF) annual convention and expo, more commonly known as “The Big Show,” has become the industry event for retailers. The Big Show definitely warmed up the Big Apple this week, bringing in thousands of retailers to hear from best-of-breed innovators.

The show kicked off with true presidential flare – seriously presidential – with an opening featuring the forty-third President of the U.S., George W. Bush, and NRF Chairman, Stephen L. Sadove.  Attendees to the closed press event had to feel special to be in such esteemed company.

Attendees couldn’t resist the first-hand experience of next-generation technologies. New advancements are designed to merge the physical and digital worlds of the shopping experience, with a resounding emphasis on personalization and convenience. These are exciting trends whatever role you play in our nation’s retail economy.

A recent Forbes published article by Steve Sparrow of SAP, titled the Top 5 Technology Trends To Look for in 2014, tells how proliferating channels are challenging retailers. Sparrow goes on to point out the benefits to capturing and leveraging the trail of breadcrumbs customers leave at every touch point.  Retailers that employ technologies that pick up those breadcrumbs will win customer loyalty and a bigger wallet share.

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