Extend Access to Home Workers and Road Warriors

Your VPN keeps your various business locations interconnected and corporate information flowing. Sometimes the tentacles of that VPN must stretch to reach users working from home or in other small or satellite offices. In this video, you’ll learn how, by loading special client software on users’ various devices, you can empower workers to securely access core business applications with a single click, regardless of how or from where they connect.

For example, your users might be connecting using variety of device types over broadband Internet, Wi-Fi or cellular networks. Your policy can be a default profile setting for all users or you can customize access based on your own firewall and antivirus profile settings. Wireless Internet can be used as primary transport, so you don’t have to rely on local copper wiring. By virtue of the meshed nature of the VPN, redundancy is built right in for business continuity no matter where your users are located.

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