One network, one man, and one for one

I’m a long-time AT&T customer. I rely on the AT&T network to keep me connected to my family, friends, coworkers, and customers everywhere I go – and I go to a lot of places.

AT&T has been with me since the beginning. They were my carrier when I founded TOMS and launched the One for One business model nearly 10 years ago. In May, we’ll celebrate a decade of giving a pair of shoes for every pair we sell – One for One. Frankly, it’s a milestone we’re proud of and glad that AT&T was there to help power our business along the way.

Let me explain. Back in 2006, my AT&T phone was my home office. I ran my whole business from that phone. From approving designs and closing deals to staying connected with the six employees working in my L.A. apartment. That phone – and the AT&T network behind it – gave me peace of mind.

Our business grew quickly, and everyone wanted to hear our story. I was more than happy to tell it. AT&T understood how important mobility was to the daily operation of my small business.

Long gone are the days of running the business from my phone and out of my apartment. Today, we have offices around the globe. And our business has grown from shoes to include eyewear, coffee, and bags as well – all under the One for One model. It’s a complex business. It’s a global business. And AT&T has grown with us to become more than our phone provider. Now, their network helps us to continue to operate with the speed and agility we need to compete. AT&T solutions deliver a private, highly secure connection that links all of our offices and employees. Just as when I was a small business customer, we can rest easy at the end of the day knowing we have safety and security features that come with the AT&T network.

In the last decade, with AT&T powering our business solutions, we’ve helped 60 million children around the world. Now, we’re celebrating our decade of doing good together. My hope for TOMS this year is to continue to evolve our business model and inspire other entrepreneurs to follow in our footsteps. Stay tuned for more from TOMS and AT&T as the year unfolds.

Blake Mycoskie Founder & Chief Shoe Giver TOMS About Blake