Online Retail’s Biggest Challenge Starts after the Holidays

After a busy and (hopefully) successful holiday season, retailers are thinking about how they will do it better next time. That’s right, our favorite retailers are already trying to figure out what we’ll want next Christmas. In doing so, they hope we’ll visit often, stay longer and buy more.

And, that’s no easy task. They’ve got to figure out what they need to do, find the products or services that can help them do it and have it implemented and tested by October 1. That’s not a lot of time to make sure online retailers deliver a sparkling customer experience.

Our eCommerce teams have long advocated that retailers look at customer experience as a cross-channel challenge, that customers should have on-brand experiences online, in-store, on a mobile device or via phone.

Fortunately, we’re not alone in that. Driving a consistent, contextual, relevant experience across channels is something that Forrester Research, Inc. is calling “agile commerce” and it’s driven by Commerce as a Service platforms.  We’re lucky to have featured guest Forrester Research joining us for a live webinar on February 16th to talk about this further.

Find out more about this webinar and how it can help you.

In the meantime, what features and functions are you adding to your site this year or what features and functions do you wish your favorite retailers would add?
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