Open & Secure: You’re sharing more—and could be letting too much in

As business evolves, we’re letting more and more players into our ecosystems. We’re having to move outside the four walls of our offices to more fully engage business partners. But this raises questions about security that we didn’t have to ask in the past. We’re having to marry this tension between openness and security in ways that we haven’t had to before.

Trends we see

We’ve been looking at the impact of technology on business agility. The responses from a recent study on business networking fundamentals have shown us a couple of key things.

The need for increased openness in the expanding business ecosystem. To make communication more fluid, 85 percent of companies let business partners have access to information in some way. And 53 percent of IT business leaders say that data sharing with business partners will increase in the next 36 months.

Security concerns could be getting in the way of business agility. The two biggest barriers to more data sharing are the possibility of business partners misusing data and cybersecurity concerns on partner sites. Twenty-five percent of companies have already updated security standards for partners. Seventy-two percent of companies are in the process of adopting or planning to adopt these standards in the next 36 months. And 61 percent of companies have made or are in the process of making it a leadership expectation to make business partnership data security better.

What does all of this mean for you?

  • Data sharing is here to stay. It’s going to play a big role in the future of collaboration in business.          
  • Network security isn’t just about your business anymore. Recognize that true security involves your whole business ecosystem. This means your business partners, too.
  • Be proactive about making your whole ecosystem secure. Candid conversations with your business partners about security are a must. Talking with leadership can help ensure the security you need.

If we want more agility, we’re going to have to be more open. And we also have to be more secure.

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