Out of the office doesn’t have to mean out of touch

  • VPNs, remote access, and cloud-based services and solutions help you be productive when you can't get to your office.

  • Unified communications and conference solutions let you collaborate with coworkers no matter where they're located.

  • Mobile office solutions give you access to spreadsheet, word processing, and other productivity programs from a variety of devices.

Sometimes things happen that keep us from getting to the office.

Take the winter of 2014 in metro Atlanta, population 6 million. It started just before lunch time. I saw the first specks of snow outside the windows of our office. It wasn’t long before I noticed a bit of accumulation on the grass.

That’s when Atlantans began to head out to buy all the bread and milk they could find. People left work in droves. The news reports of major traffic problems were daunting. It took me more than four hours to drive home. (Did I mention my commute is three and a half miles?) I had to ditch my car by my kids’ school since the surface street, major streets, and all of Atlanta became a parking lot. I walked the last mile home with my work laptop in tow, along with two of my kids who’d been stuck at school. The culprit: 2 inches of snow.

Stay productive

What do you do for three days when everything is closed, and there is barely enough snow to make a snowball? It was misery to be trapped at home with my kids without enough snow to play in—no Dad points to be earned, no sledding or memories of making a snowman. How much Disney Channel can an adult endure?

So instead, I decided to work from home.

Disasters like hurricanes, fires, and, yes, even a light snow may shut down a city, but they don’t have to close your business. Like many companies, AT&T, my employer, uses an Internet-based virtual private network (VPN) to connect our locations for voice and data. If you have remote access capabilities, this type of network can allow you to use your home Internet or public Wi-Fi to connect to the office. It’s highly secure and super convenient. While I could hear Dora the Explorer in the background, I stayed productive because all the systems I use at the office were accessible via the VPN and remote access.

Make the best of a bad situation

Have a meeting that’s vital to keeping a critical project on track? With cloud-based conferencing solutions and other unified communications services, you can use your computer or mobile device to talk with your colleagues just like you were all around a conference table.

Left your company laptop at your desk? No problem. Mobile office solutions let you keep working with popular business applications in the cloud.

Are you ready for a snow day? Learn more about AT&T enterprise solutions and services that can keep you productive while you wait for a thaw. 

The good news is that sometimes, disasters are really just nuisances. While they may stop traffic, they don’t have to stop business. And if you get cabin fever, you can always walk your kids to the golden arches. Most of them have an indoor playground and Wi-Fi.

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