Getting proactive with your mobile strategy

  • Businesses require a sound strategy to fulfill their mobility potential.
  • Watch the latest 4 Forces of Mobility video -- Force 4: Integrated Strategy.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity?” Roman philosopher Seneca is said to have made this observation, and it is still very applicable today. We live in an era where patience is rewarded in seconds, and gratification can be provided in an instant, depending on your Internet connection speed.  Yet so many lessons can be gleaned from that quote.

Many organizations are in a constant state of process improvement, resource reallocation, or product differentiation, and for what? Is it to have the next killer app, to develop the latest global sensation, or possibly a more conservative and humbling goal — to keep their doors open for business? We consistently reward and celebrate the hottest trend or newest gadget. With so many social channels, they seem to catch on almost instantaneously. Though it may seem like these gadgets are an overnight success, few come without a strategy, and even fewer without effort.

Maximize the value of mobile

The mobile phenomenon has been years in the making, offering a wave of reliable coverage; smaller, then larger handsets with more powerful processors; and applications that run seamlessly across nearly all devices. But using mobility to its full potential requires a combination of intellectual capital, plus the right in-house and external resources, mixed with clean databases and systems that are ready to be exposed. And all of this must be grounded by a sound business plan and supported by a budget ready to be utilized.

As uber-successful businessman Ray Kroc once said, “Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.”  We may not get our hands as dirty as we once did to build a business, but we need to flex our intellectual muscle by focusing on our core competencies and knowing when to pull in experts to allow us to work smarter.

To learn more about creating an integrated strategy for mobile transformation, watch the AT&T video series, 4 Forces of Mobility — Force 4: Integrated Strategy. This three-minute video from IDC discusses best practices for mobile strategy development and allows you to see how developing a proactive approach to your mobile strategy will create value within your organization.

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