Helpful resource now available to keep you abreast of PCI DSS news

  • PCI Newsletter will keep you apprised of how the PCI DSS impacts you

  • Each edition focuses on a topic timely to merchants and service providers

PCI DSS is a dynamic standard that adapts to changes in fraud trends in our card carrying world. To keep you apprised of changes and continue expanding your knowledge of how the PCI DSS impacts you, PCI Newsletter will be published quarterly to address these developments.

Each edition will include such information as:

  • tips on processing transactions
  • how to maintain physical and electronic security of cardholder data
  • interesting facts about the payment card industry
  • changes in the PCI DSS
  • compliance requirements
  • Other available resources

Each quarter we’ll cover a topic that is timely and relevant to merchants and service providers, such as mobile applications, point to point encryption (P2PE), tokenization, and the “must know” details about PCI DSS 3.0

You can see the latest newsletter along with all back issues here.

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