Performance and Protection in a More Mobile World

  • Today's performance and security implications of go beyond the desktop.
  • O'Reilly Velocity conference showcases the impact of mobile devices on digital commerce.

Mobile consumers are the fastest-growing segment of web users, and m-commerce is growing faster than e-commerce overall. We may never want to stop optimizing for the desktop experience, but we must pay more attention to the performance and security implications of having more of our prospects and customers visiting websites on smartphones, tablets, and other emerging devices. At the conference, we will discuss the many tools now available to optimize the mobile experience and to enhance the security of your content, your infrastructure, and your users. We’ll also present details on how security can help ensure and improve website performance and responsiveness for anyone visiting your websites.

The O’Reilly Velocity Conference will take place Tuesday, June 24 to Thursday, June 26 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  The AT&T CDN team invites you to attend an informative and valuable session sharing how today’s mobile first world drives requirements for web optimization and web security.

In this session, I will provide insights that will allow you to:

  • Analyze mobile device‘s impact on digital commerce
  • Understand why security isn’t just a job for mobile apps
  • Determine next optimization steps you MUST take to stay successful in today’s mobile landscape

While in Santa Clara for Velocity on June 26, 2014 make sure to stop by Grand Ballroom E at 2:00pm and discover the new role CDN plays in mobile’s performance and protection.  If you are unable to join in us person, follow the activity on social media using the official conference hash tag #velocityconf.

Learn how content delivery networks (CDN) boost web performance, accelerate web applications, and protect personal identifying information on today’s fastest growing device category: mobile.

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