Plug and Play, Then You’re in Control

Do you need total control of IP routing schemes and encryption because of sensitive data or traffic?

Do you now run or plan to run IP and non IP protocols?

Do you want full router control and not outsource router management to your provider?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions,  switched Ethernet may be your answer.  It is a transport that gives you complete command over switching and routing between locations.  This provides you the ability to classify and segment traffic types so you can provide different levels of service to different traffic types. This can be particularly important in today’s varied traffic that businesses are encountering.

This self managed environment is truly an advantage for businesses — especially those with multiple locations — because it enables them to prioritize traffic while getting that extra amount of privacy, security features and control.  Ethernet has standard interfaces with recognizable ports, equipment and cabling to make it easy for installation.  This is sometimes known as “plug and play.”

While Ethernet makes it easier to connect to the network it’s also a well known, easy to use technology that is recognized by most IT managers.   Ethernet gives you the visibility, insight and control you need over network operations. While AT&T maintains our Network, only you route or segment the traffic. This is especially critical for businesses that have sensitive data and want to insert their own encryption.

With switched Ethernet, you create your own routing adjacencies between your routers and can use any routing protocols.   You can create any routing topology (neighbor relationships).  Since you don’t share the routes with the carrier, it gives you the ease of configuration and control of debugging in case of problems.   AT&T has diversity options if you want to create a 2nd path to add re-routing capabilities.

In short, switched Ethernet services provided by AT&T will enhance your company’s ability to respond rapidly to changing traffic patterns and business demands without relying on the provider to troubleshoot.  You have the peace of mind knowing that AT&T is your network provider but you are in control, you set the protocols and you set the priorities.

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