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Time is tight. Deadlines loom. Your smartphone chimes, alerting you to a meeting in 15 minutes. And you have to get this report finished by lunch or face the frowns of an unhappy team.In the midst of the typical hectic day, you need to stay current on the latest in security, cloud, and mobility. But when – precisely – are you supposed to squeeze that in?

Earlier this year, the Networking Exchange Blog team surveyed visitors to find out how we could make this blog more useful and relevant to you. One thing became clear: Time is tight. You need relevant information that you can consume quickly, in spare moments during an overfull day. But you also need access to detailed information and research to inform decision making. In other words, you need information your way.

You’ve asked….we’ve delivered. Networking Exchange has a new look and feel, as well as enhanced functionality designed to better serve our readers’ needs for increased content variety, quality, and ease of access.

Some highlights include:

  • “My Favorites”: You can now save your favorite posts to “My Favorites” which will keep them accessible as you navigate through the blog – and when you return.

  • Tools and visuals: You will have easier access to a range of content – from tools like research reports, case studies, and white papers to visual content like infographics, videos, and webinars.
  • Key insights: If you’re tight on time, our key insights summarize each post, so you can get the facts fast.
  • Focused topics: We’ve refreshed our topics to focus on the latest trends: Cloud Enabled Business, Enhancing the Customer Experience, Leadership Perspectives, Mobile Business Technology, Security in the Enterprise, Workforce Collaboration, and the Future of Networks.
  • Continued collaboration: With nearly 60,000 visitors each month, the new design will continue to encourage conversation and collaboration on the topics we feature — in comments and through easy social sharing of your favorite posts.

In reimagining Networking Exchange, it’s our hope that you continue to visit frequently, share content with others, and contribute to the conversation.

We’d love to hear from you — let us know what you think. Send your ideas and feedback to: networkingexchange@attbusiness.com


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