Preparing for the Unexpected

As we move into spring and summer we look forward to flowers blooming and birds chirping.  Folks are happy to shed their winter garbs in exchange for lighter weight garments.   Now is a great time of year to plan our spring and summer events and getaways.  Let’s make sure we have a plan of action in place to prepare for these events and the upcoming rainy and unexpected storm season.

We all can look back in time and reflect on natural or man-made disasters that have occurred over the past few years.  No one was prepared for events like hurricane Katrina or Irene or the impact of 9/11.  How prepared are you in the event of a natural or planned disaster?

Preparing for the unexpected can be challenging, but so surreal.  Natural and or man made disasters are becoming very common lately.   If we had a crystal ball we would figure out how to secure our families and businesses in advance of a disaster. Unfortunately, we don’t.  However, we can proactively have a plan in place to prepare ourselves for the unexpected.

Over the past few years we have witnessed unusual climate changes.  In some regions we witnessed tornado’s, unexpected snow in New York City this past Halloween and torrential downpours of rain.  Keeping business afloat is important.  Business Continuity helps our clients feel confident and secure all year round.

Mobility Applications and Collaborative Tools keep businesses productive, employees connected and customers supported even in the most trying circumstances.  Mobile Remote Access, ANIRA Telepresence, AT&T Connect and Messaging are just a few examples of solutions to talk to your customers about when discussing Business Continuity.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning is essential for all types of scenarios. AT&T has a great Business Continuity Preparedness Playbook which is designed to give your customers the information they need to sustain operations through a period of significant interruption.

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