Private cloud is all about choice

  • AT&T Private Cloud offers many infrastructure choices, including a range of technical and server management features.
  • Customers can build a cloud infrastructure solution to suit their unique requirements.

While the use of the term “cloud” has permeated our lives in many ways, it still connotes different things to different people. What makes one cloud model better than another? What features are required for your specific cloud solution? Will the solution evolve and grow with your company? Most importantly, does the vendor’s network support the performance levels you require, with the security your sensitive data demands?

We have all heard the mantras around the benefits of cloud, “Flexibility, Scalability,” etc. I’m not discounting those benefits at all. However, there are few benefits more important than choices. We all like choices, but they have to be the right ones.

AT&T Private Cloud offers the customer choices at every layer of the infrastructure, which allows the customer to build the infrastructure solution that’s right for them. Who doesn’t want a solution customized to fit their own business?

And these are the right infrastructure choices, a “plug and play” of technical and service management features:

  • Dedicated & multi-tenant options at network, server and storage layer
  • Supports Physical and Virtual “Hybrid” solutions
  • Three standard server management options allow you to define which responsibilities to out-task to AT&T
  • Private cloud options let you control server provisioning
  • Ability to connect to A&T Network and scale up and down on demand
  • Security already baked into the solution vs. left up to you or as an add on

Server Management choices:

  • Self Serve – AT&T manages the hardware stack and hypervisor. Customer provisions and manages the virtualized machine (OS + APP)
  • Fully Managed – high touch customer service

Not only does AT&T offer choices and excellent customer service, it also combines a heritage of over a decade of delivering enterprise-class hosting solutions with a similar record of providing cloud services.

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