Private OR public cloud – why choose?

  • Private cloud solutions offer self-service, flexibility, enhanced security, and control.
  • Once a private cloud service is in place, storage, network, and other resources can be customized.

Life often presents us with binary choices: spend or save, stick or twist, car repairs or beach vacation. You can’t have it all. But polarized reasoning doesn’t apply in scenarios where there’s the potential for middle ground. Why be forced to choose between chocolate or vanilla ice cream when you could have a scoop of each?

The same principle is true of the cloud. Enterprises are no longer obliged to make an either/or decision between private and public infrastructures. Private cloud solutions are emerging that provide the self-service and flexibility of multi-tenant infrastructure with the enhanced security and control of a private cloud.

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How? A private cloud service gives you a fully dedicated server environment, based on isolated hardware. A virtualization layer allows the applications to share a common set of physical assets. Layers of proactive and preventive security controls – fully managed, of course – give you the assurance that your applications and data are protected at all times.

Customize your resources

You’re then free to customize the tiered storage and network resources you need for your infrastructure to balance cost and performance considerations. For example, why invest in dedicated switches, firewalls, and load balancers for certain applications when you can plug into cost-effective shared network infrastructure?

It’s even possible to build a hybrid cloud solution by connecting dedicated cloud resources with other cloud services, giving you the best of all worlds with the simplicity of a single provider. You can find out more about this in our private cloud product brief.

Unfortunately, none of this helps with the decision I’m personally wrestling with at the moment – a quiet evening at home in front of a movie, or the more virtuous but far less appealing prospect of a session at the gym!

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