Protecting Your Assets in the Age of Mobile

With Halloween around the corner, the holiday season is officially upon us. During this time of year we bear witness to the annual ritual of product launches. Among today’s most sought after holiday must-haves are mobile devices and games. A growing number of families are buying smart phones and tablets as illustrated by the recent iPhone launch statistics. On September 23, Apple announced that it sold a total of 9 million iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c handsets during the first weekend of availability, nearly doubling opening weekend sales for last year’s iPhone 5.

From holiday gift to the workplace

The effect of the mobile device purchasing trend on businesses is especially interesting. Empowered with the latest technology, more employees are bringing their own devices to work, accessing business as well as personal information interchangeably throughout the day. In other instances, organizations are equipping their employees with new smart devices to help drive productivity and sales and to attract and retain talented employees. The mobile adoption rate among American workers is staggering.

This makes me wonder, as more devices and applications become available to the masses, and consumer usage intertwines with business use, how are we going to keep all of our personal and business data safe?

Erasing the boundaries while staying safe

Some folks focus on security at the device level-using passwords, biometrics-voice, fingerprint recognition, or device lock and wipe technology. Sounds good, but are these tactics enough to keep out the “bad guys” and protect your information from problems caused by malware, spam, or botnets?

In a world without boundaries, supported by the internet, it no longer makes sense to focus solely on a device or your location when developing security policies. Your mobile virtual workforce requires flexible coverage that provides security based on the type of information being shared and whom the information is being shared with. Are you prepared for this new world?

Check out this mobile security scenario and share your thoughts in comments:

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