Public transit authority implements tailored cloud solution

  • Public transit authority implements cloud web security service to support legacy infrastructure and offer new capabilities.

  • Solution provided superior reporting with granular drill-down capabilities.

  • SSL decryption technology helps detect advanced threats hiding in encrypted traffic.

In previous posts, I described two companies that had common scenarios for cloud-based security. One company had no previous cloud experience, and the other wanted more from its cloud solution. Let’s look at a third scenario many of you can relate to. A company wanted to take advantage of the cloud model, but they needed solutions that could support some of their antiquated technology. The service provider they were using at the time could not help.

The company, a public transit authority for a major U.S. metropolitan area, had been using a cloud-based web security service. They needed to authenticate users against Novell® eDirectory and Microsoft® Active Directory, but their incumbent service provider was unable/unwilling to support this requirement.


security service room


Working closely with this customer, AT&T was able to tailor the AT&T Cloud Web Security Service to accommodate their unique needs. At the same time, the AT&T service provided new capabilities that were unavailable with the previous vendor. For example, by integrating with on-premise proxy appliances, the cloud solution can control “common policy” for cloud and premise proxy, resulting in superior reporting with granular drill-down capabilities.

The AT&T Cloud Web Security Service also takes advantage of a global intelligence network that constantly performs real-time categorization and ratings of web URLs and content based on the combined input of more than 75 million people worldwide—so it is constantly learning about new threats and passing on the intelligence to the security infrastructure.

In addition, the company can now use SSL decryption technology, which is becoming increasingly important as more and more advanced threats are hiding in encrypted traffic.

I’ll share more real-world customer stories with you in the following weeks and months ahead. For now, the best way to learn more about the AT&T Cloud Web Security Service is to read our solution brief.


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