Raise Your JQ

Are you a good juggler?

Anthony Gatto set a record by juggling 7 balls for more than 11 minutes.

Sometimes in business we feel like we have twice that many balls in the air at once. But at today’s pace, that might not be good enough.

The best jugglers not only know how to handle what’s thrown at them, but also choose actively what to put in motion or let drop.  In our January Exchange Monthly Newsletter, I shared some insightful ideas to help improve your juggling quotient (JQ for short) as you build your action plans for the coming year.

  • Create competitive advantage when you manage content, context, and intelligence

Forrester Research, Inc. advises: Smartphones and tablets are transforming how businesses engage customers, and drive loyalty. They provide a great case for experiential innovation resulting from systematic integration of mobile into customer engagement frameworks.  Simple registration required.

  • De-silo interactions that have pushed the juggling act to your customers

Whether customers engage with businesses through social, mobile, the Web, or in real life (IRL), they approach businesses with different needs at different times. Brian Solis challenges us to embrace holistic experience design, and to create better digital experience “glue” across customer moments of truth.

  • Empower workers, manage risk, and free capacity to juggle bigger business issues

Learn how K-V-AT Food Stores swapped out traditional approaches for a new BYOD model to provide managed and highly-secure access to company resources from employee devices — and as a result improved productivity through simplified access to corporate applications.

What are the challenges and opportunities you’re juggling as the New Year begins?


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