Ready for what’s next in cyber security?

  • Cyber attacks rose 48 percent this year.

  • 100,000 cyber security incidents now occur daily.

  • Consumers need trust and reassurance that their data is safe.

As cyber threats increase, boards of many companies are requiring that security and information risk assessments become standard business practice. CEOs are becoming fluent in the language of cyber security. CIOs must provide technology and the necessary data for employees to be able to do their jobs. CISOs must provide solutions to safeguard valuable business and consumer data.

Yet, a recent Ponemon study, “2014: A Year of Mega Breaches,” reported the seriousness of these breaches:

  • 1/3 of organizations took more than two years to discover their breach
  • 20% were unable to determine when the breach occurred
  • 55% were unable to determine where the breach occurred (e.g., on-premise, off premise including cloud, or business unit).
  • Nearly 30% reported that it took two years or more to resolve the breach, and 20% indicated they were not sure if the breach was ever resolved.

There’s clearly more work to be done.

The perception of cyber security is changing.  The major breaches have educated consumers. They need to be able to trust that their information is highly protected and organizations need to provide that trust by taking steps to protect their brand and reputation.

What is your organization doing to protect against cyber threats?

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