The way customers interact with organizations is changing faster than ever before – can your contact center keep up? Between new contact channels, seasonal fluctuations in demand, and growing customer service expectations, contact center managers are under increasing pressure to enhance scalability, increase flexibility, and reduce operating costs.

A new white paper from Nemertes Research,Contact Centers in the Cloud: A Better Way to Source, examines the key issues that today’s contact center managers are facing, and reveals how cloud based Contact Center Software as a Service (CCSaaS) solutions could help them meet emerging challenges and prepare for the future.

Read the white paper today to discover how CCSaaS solutions are helping organizations speed deployment, improve flexibility, and reduce costs in their contact centers.


Content Preview

Cloud contact center deployment is on the rise because of the unique benefits offered by cloud providers. Contact Center Software as a Service (CCSaaS) resolves many problems businesses have with contact centers by simplifying and speeding deployments; accommodating the need to scale up and down in response to seasonal and other business cycles and the desire to steadily…