Register for the 13th Annual AT&T Cyber Security Conference

This is a guest post from Gus de los Reyes, Executive Director of Technology Security in the AT&T Chief Security Office (CSO). Gus leads the AT&T Security R&D Team under the AT&T Chief Security Officer — Ed Amoroso. The Security R&D Team is responsible for looking ahead at both the threat and opportunity landscape in AT&T’s priority services such as Mobility and Cloud Computing.

It’s that time again!  On May 18th, we’re hosting the 13th Annual AT&T Cyber Security Conference at our research center in Middletown, NJ.  We’re bringing together prominent industry and AT&T security experts to discuss the latest advances in network security, threat management, web security, e-mail security and more.  I’m thrilled that executives from Microsoft, CloudShield and Fortinet will be joining us as presenters this year as well.

AT&T’s Chief Security Officer Ed Amoroso is planning an exciting new twist for his afternoon keynote on the future of cyber security, including special guests from the history of science and technology innovation. You might even recognize a few relics from AT&T history.

You can find the full agenda and registration for online viewing here:

Feel free to tune in for any of the presentations that interest you. We’d love to hear what you think!

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