Retailers APPtitude Packs Power

  • Retailers are using mobile apps to tap the potential of eCommerce.
  • Outsourcing can provide the specific skill sets required to design apps that deliver a rich customer experience.

“There’s an app for that” has become a defining platitude of our current culture. Apps are a best friend to most of us trying to organize our personal and professional lives. Beyond the personal tools, mobile apps are clearly the new fuel for commerce. That point really resonated in a recent Fierce webinar titled, Strengthening the Retail Experience with Mobile Apps. Peter Marston and Leslie Hand of IDC, along with Paul Steel of AT&T, spoke to the evolution of mobile apps in retail environments.

Designed originally for consumer use, the value of mobile apps has quickly caught the attention of the enterprise. Enterprises are using mobile apps to leverage eCommerce, enable mobile payment systems, and improve their CRM capabilities. The benefits of these apps are relevant to nearly every industry because they help enterprises improve operational efficiencies and deliver better customer experiences for better business outcomes.”

Meeting the demands of the demanding customer

Retailers are feeling the pressure to quickly shore up new capabilities to engage more sophisticated consumers on their own terms. Mobile apps take engagement beyond just static marketing to create personalized and contextualized experiences that retailers can shape based upon the information exchanged. Customers do not mind giving up some personal information if they believe there is something in it for them. Getting personal earns loyalty.

Leslie Hand, IDC, discussed the challenges for retailers in implementing a mobile strategy. The skill sets needed for mobile app design that delivers rich, multi-layered customer experiences is a core consideration that requires a level of technical expertise many IT shops may be lacking. Outsourcing to proven performers puts these projects on a faster track. Paul Steel of AT&T detailed the depth of AT&T’s experience in the retail space and success with custom app and API development in the AT&T Foundry innovation labs.

Retailers are feeling an urgency to transform their businesses now to leverage the power of mobility. To learn more about AT&T’s mobile solutions for retail, go to


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