Retailers Grow with Mobile Marketing

Retailers’ interest in mobile marketing and mobile websites has never been higher, and for good reason. All of those millions of smartphone users expect, it and retailers can benefit by reaching their customers in new ways and in real-time. With the proliferation of tablets and other smart devices, retailers need to look for the best way to engage their mobile customers. AT&T customer Lawry’s Restaurants found that 25 percent of its customers used mobile devices to access their websites, so AT&T Mobility Solutions Services helped the company launch a site optimal for smartphone viewing. This helped improve customer experience and loyalty.

At this week’s National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show, the mobile retailing track covered topics through numerous aspects of the mobile journey, including mobile marketing integration, responsive web design merits, and the link between mobility and customer loyalty. It’s great to see the industry embracing mobility’s importance in helping retailers stay competitive. Retailers should get ready now and think about how to infuse mobility into their 2014 marketing programs. See how mobile marketing can help retailers grow.

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