Retailers Relate on Cross-Channel Capabilities


According to an October 2013 AT&T commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, top retailers in North America report that creating a richer “omnichannel” customer experience can deliver some significant bottom-line advantages – especially in terms of revenue, traffic, and customer satisfaction.

The affect involves integrating in-store, mobility, Web, applications, and back-end technologies to make retail buying simpler and more convenient for customers – both as a way to differentiate the retail brand and to move the sales needle at the same time.

The retailers surveyed exposed some surprising results:

– Click and reserve was clearly considered the most impactful cross-channel function, yet only 37% of retailers polled currently offer it

– Go Mobile – retailers need to improve mobile capabilities in order to gain quantifiable benefits

– Retailers surveyed found investments in omnichannel technologies such as expanded connectivity, mobility and cloud, were profitable for their business

Our digital lives are causing a King Kong size shakeup for the retail industry. How to prioritize new technology projects to enable all-channel customer experience is the question. The Forrester study offers insight into infrastructure investments to meet today’s consumer expectations. To learn more, download the full Forrester study below.

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