Retail’s Power Couple: Mobility and Cloud

Remember the ad slogan from the 80’s – Don’t leave home without it. That fits well for the icon of the current millennium – the mobile phone. Most of us feel absolutely naked when separated from our phones. That need for constant connection to our personal universe is now one of the fundamental principles of retail engagement. And, the colorful spectrum of mobile apps that live on our smartphones and tablets has become the magic carpet of commerce.

It is the marriage of the power couple — Mobile and Cloud — that delivers on the promise of connected commerce. While mobility is as necessary to the consumer as it is to the retailer, cloud’s value is to the enterprise for supporting dynamic provisioning of scalable and virtualized resources, such as order management systems, customer loyalty programs and POS systems.

According to a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of AT&T, mobile and cloud capabilities are an urgent imperative for retailers. The survey revealed that 64 percent of retailers with mobile-equipped sales associates saw increased average order value and 59 percent indicate that they need to improve their mobility capabilities over the next two years. Only 22 percent of retailers polled feel that they meet or exceed consumer’s mobility expectations. Similarly, retailers see improvements in cloud capabilities as priority in their IT plans.

The following infographics explore how mobile and cloud capabilities are helping retailers drive engagement of the omni-channel customer:




Read more of the Forrester TLP entitled Retail Direction – The State Of Retail Adoption Of Connectivity, Cloud, And Mobile To Meet Consumers’ New Requirements.

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