Revolutionizing innovation

There’s a revolution underway. Businesses like yours are innovating, designing, and building new solutions that have the potential to influence the way we live—smart grids, digital factories, intelligent health monitors, connected cars, and more.

Developing game-changing products requires a game-changing network, one that is agile enough to scale rapidly and provision new services quickly.

AT&T Network Functions on Demand can give your business that kind of agility. It allows us to virtualize key network functions and applications on a universal CPE, which gives you the power and flexibility you need to support innovation—to gather, store, and help secure data from devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) and other sources; analyze your data; and collaborate with others to determine how to act on the results.

Virtualization eases deployment, scaling

In many networks, most functions sit on traditional, proprietary devices. This can make them inflexible, and hard to scale quickly across your company.

With AT&T Network Functions on Demand , certain functions—like routers and firewalls—are housed in a universal CPE, and AT&T provides them as a service. This allows you to easily deploy and scale these virtualized functions in a fraction of the time it once took. Network Functions on Demand capabilities can also provide:

  • Flexibility in choosing the type of functions you deploy
  • More control over who can access these functions
  • Improved management of your functions

The Digital Factory

Thanks to IoT, you’re probably collecting more data today than ever. All that information needs to be stored, secured, moved, and analyzed to help you make better decisions about your core business.

Suppose you run a factory, for example. You may have multiple sensors that constantly monitor your facility—your manufacturing equipment, climate, and security. These sensors generate tremendous amounts of data around the clock, but not all of it is equally important.

With virtualization technologies, you can quickly install an industry-standard piece of equipment, like our universal CPE, and deploy virtual applications that apply basic analytics to your sensor-generated traffic. The apps can eliminate information that doesn’t meet your pre-set policies and keep the rest, like actionable alerts, for further analysis.

You could also deploy another application—a virtualized network function running on the same universal CPE—that determines how mission critical each bit of data is and intelligently routes the most crucial information to you in the most efficient way available.

Network Functions on Demand capabilities can support the tools you need to more flexibly and efficiently operate your business, locally and across the globe.

This is just the beginning. Industrial technology is poised for some major shifts in the coming months and years, and we’re already working to develop new capabilities that will help you take advantage of the new developments.

Rupesh Chokshi Assistant Vice President of Product Marketing Management AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions About Rupesh