Are you at risk of identity fraud?

  • Identify theft leads to fraud and lost productivity that impacts consumers and businesses.
  • AT&T's Verify Connect offers multi-factor authentication to help reduce fraud risk.

Consumers are almost twice as likely to have their identity stolen online as they are to have anything else stolen from their homes or vehicles, including the vehicle itself. Identity fraud affects over 12.6 million U.S. consumers yearly compared to physical theft which impacts 6.7 million victims per year. Over 300 million passwords were stolen last year and the count is already over a billion this year, costing business hundreds of millions of dollars in fraud and lost productivity.

It is clear that relying solely on current password schemes to protect customer accounts is no longer effective. And requiring passwords to be more and more complicated creates a poor consumer experience, particularly on a mobile device, where typing longer phrases can be more challenging than typing on a computer.

Reduce risk of fraud

How do you prevent ID theft and subsequent account takeover without sacrificing usability? One way to significantly reduce the risk of account takeover fraud is to deploy dynamic multi-factor authentication (MFA).

AT&T’s Verify Connect powered by™ is a cloud-based authentication service for companies with B2C mobile applications. Verify Connect delivers strong, dynamic multi-factor authentication that is easy to use and simple to implement, all by using device-based digital IDs. It provides enhanced levels of assurance that your customers “are who they say they are” when accessing services across your channels.

Verify Connect lets companies uniquely identify their customers using mobile applications across all service channels with their own devices by anchoring their digital IDs with the platform. Unlike simple device fingerprinting methods, Verify Connect uses strong dynamic cryptography based on proven global standards. Verify Connect is based on industry proven standards such as EMV (Europay Mastercard Visa) Global Platform, which is used in most digital payment systems.

Verify Connect adds security and improves user experience

The core of Verify Connect is powered by™, developed by SecureKey, a leading innovator in next-generation dynamic authentication. AT&T has partnered with SecureKey to provide B2C companies with high-performance, easy-to-use software that reduces the burden, cost, and risks associated with authenticating millions of consumers while also improving the user experience.

Verify Connect combines strong dynamic authentication with location-based services and FIDO (Fast Identity Online)-supported bio-metrics to provide a solution that supports a broad range of in-market devices, including Android and iOS mobile phones, as well as tablets, laptops, and smart cards. The best part is that users are easily able to register multiple devices and use them interchangeably at any time.

Protecting your passwords alone is not enough to deter cyber criminals. Strong network security programs and mobile device management solutions are critical defenses that can further reduce the risk of cyber attack.

For more information on multi factor authentication check out  AT&T Verify Connect  powered by™.

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