School bus tracking solution protects precious cargo

  • With safety top of mind, SWS operates buses that transport New Jersey school children.
  • The TeleNav Asset Tracker on the AT&T Network tracks and reports the location of every SWS bus.

Founded almost 50 years ago to provide airport transportation, Station Wagon Service (SWS) now focuses on transporting students to and from schools in northern New Jersey by bus. The majority of passengers who ride the SWS buses are children, some with special needs. The safety of this precious cargo is of key concern to the company and to caregivers alike.

If an SWS bus is late by even a few minutes, concerned parents often call to find out where their children are. SWS wanted to be able to track its buses so it could better inform parents. The company also looked to enhance the management of its mobile workforce, provide more efficient routing, and eliminate the occasional unauthorized use of buses by drivers during non-working hours.

At the suggestion of AT&T, SWS installed the TeleNav Asset Tracker solution, a web-based fleet management application that continuously reports the precise location of each bus and runs on the AT&T wireless network. The solution lets SWS show parents a report of the time the bus arrived at each home and how long it waited, delivering peace-of-mind to parents and improving the customer service provided by the bus service.

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