Secure your globally distributed employees through the cloud

A billion-dollar aerospace and industrial distributor recently faced several challenges with its existing cloud-based web security solution. Not only was the company hampered by inconsistent network performance, but existing security practices had resulted in “policy sprawl,” with redundant and outdated policies adding unnecessary complexity and risk. This company, one that depended on communication and collaboration, found it difficult to provide consistent, secure access to its globally distributed workforce.

Looking for a better way to authenticate web users and to simplify its security environment, the company made a move to AT&T Cloud Web Security Service, a network-based solution that allows organizations to use the web in a more productive, secure, and cost-effective way. Using the AT&T solution, the company was able to provide secure access for its globally distributed mobile and roaming users. The company also benefited from:

  • Centralized policy management that reduced the number of policies from more than 40 to just 14
  • Simplified user access without cumbersome logins, restrictions, or limitations
  • Secure access for distributed employees without the need to backhaul traffic to headquarters
  • Sophisticated caching techniques that provide consistent network performance for global users
  • Rich reporting capabilities, including unified reporting on all users, that deliver insights to management

In my next post, I’ll look at a company with yet another interesting scenario. This company utilized the cloud to create a custom solution that works with an outdated directory technology.


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