Security And The Open Corporation


The rise of the corporate app culture has seen both risks and rewards.  While consumer technologies in the workplace can empower employees, enhance collaboration and improve customer engagement, it also causes businesses to rethink security controls and policies.

According to a recent article by the Economist Intelligence Unit, “Unsurprisingly, companies cite security concerns as the top impediment to their full embrace of today’s technologies.”  However, consumerization is not slowing down and organizations need to evolve their security strategies in order to embrace this new work model.

But how do you find the right balance of security measures that address both tech-savvy consumers and sophisticated attackers?

To read about how organizations are looking more towards “security that says yes,” download the Economist Intelligence Unit article below. To learn more about the benefits and challenges of the rising corporate app culture, read the full Economist Intelligence Unit report, commissioned by AT&T, entitled “The Open Corporation.”



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