Security as Enabler: Beyond Fear

Beyond the possibility of lost or stolen data, service disruptions and compliance demands, these days companies must deal with a barrage of new security issues that threaten their intellectual property, their reputation and the privacy of their customers. These threats not only put companies at risk, they put them in a constant “reactive mode.” This affects productivity as multiple employees across the business drop what they’re doing to respond to security events or crises.

I think it’s time to take a more proactive approach to security – an approach that enables a business to be agile, build trust, and be innovative: a business that can adapt to change, establish confidence, and manage risk to support growth.

Security Helps Your Business Become Agile

A cohesive, company-wide security framework readies you for change. With a consistent, scalable security foundation, as change happens, there is no need to react with a series of resource-intensive “one-off” security projects. Instead, your company has an efficient and proactive way to manage the impact of change before problems occur. As a result, you can launch new business initiatives, adopt emerging technologies, and comply with revised regulations more securely and cost-effectively, all while benefiting from the dynamic nature of business.

Security is About Building Trust

By establishing comprehensive policies, processes and procedures for governing, and by managing and sustaining a security enhanced, trusted information infrastructure, you can open new information exchanges with confidence. This allows you to expand your business, increase productivity and decrease your time to market.

Security is About Growth

By enabling new transactions, revenue streams, and relationships on a global scale, security is no longer just a business cost, it’s a wise investment in business growth. With less security worries, you can direct more time and energy toward innovations that benefit the business.

Security is no longer a stand-alone purchase, it is an enabler for businesses. To help your company move forward, security should be part of everything you do.

I would be interested in hearing how people have taken their security efforts a step further.
What have you done and how has a comprehensive security framework directly saved your company money?
Bindu Sundaresan Strategic Security Solutions Lead AT&T About Bindu