Security is the keystone holding back cloud enablement

  • Organizations want cloud mobile access to email, CRM tools, and HR.

  • Security concerns are a key barrier to cloud adoption.

  • Customers use “best in breed” providers but prefer a single experience.

Everyone is talking about the cloud, but is anyone listening? We worked with Clarion Research on the Secure Mobile Cloud Exploratory Qualitative Research Study to survey Directors, VPs and C-level audiences from security and IT departments to get their thoughts on secure cloud connectivity.

Companies with 2500 or more employees were surveyed. The industries included financial services, manufacturing, retail, media, information services, transportation, waste management, and legal services.

And here’s what we learned: companies want highly-secure connectivity to cloud-based applications.


    • Companies are currently accessing basic apps in the cloud including email, calendar, and select customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.
    • They are interested in enabling mobile access to cloud services for mission-critical applications such as collaboration, human resources, content management, and transactional functions.
    • But security is a key barrier with concerns around loss of control over data, uncertainty of security of public cloud providers, as well as government regulations.
    • These companies are working with “best in breed” providers for mobile, network, and cloud service environments, although they would prefer a single experience.
    • The key drivers are growth in mobile and remote work forces, BYOD policies, and desire to reduce costs.




Gaining secure connectivity to the cloud

The mindset of most customers we surveyed was that of restrained confidence. They recognize they are doing everything possible to protect their businesses from security attacks, but know more can be done. The most frequently cited concern was around data at rest – either in the cloud or on a device. Regarding secure connectivity to the cloud, customers worry about unauthorized access and loss of data, with equal concerns around lost or stolen devices that contain proprietary and sensitive data.

Perhaps because of security concerns, you rely on vendors with a solid reputation and a strong understanding of networks. While you have selected different vendors to handle different applications in the past, you would rather work with a single provider.




Enabling secure mobile cloud capabilities with AT&T NetBond

Customers think of mobile to cloud as an end-to-end experience yet they look to secure each component separately whether it’s a device, the network or cloud.

Our AT&T NetBond® solution can protect your network by isolating traffic from the Internet and the cloud, and reducing exposure to security attacks. The cloud services and network are pre-integrated so the service becomes a node on your AT&T private network. In addition to increased security, NetBond provides better performance with 50% less latency.

To learn more about how a network enabled cloud solution can benefit your business, read the Frost & Sullivan white paper:


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