Security: Not About Access Control – But Helping Secure Access

Mobility has already happened in some form or the other across organizations and within different industry verticals. Before, IT and security departments could plan for it. Now, mobility has changed our way of life and how we operate in today’s business world.

When I have conversations with folks regarding value proposition for security, there are barriers to break in the preconceived mindset of people viewing security as an inhibitor. Security is truly about enabling your organization and advancement towards future technologies. With the consumerization of mobility, users are demanding the latest in devices. They want to use them for business purposes so the CSO (Chief Security Officer) role also has to be situational. Gone are the days where security is about controlling access. Now it is about helping enable secure access. Security is about cutting costs, reducing risk and enabling new business opportunities.  

The role of the CSO is changing. Today the CSO has three key areas to manage: 1. cyber security, 2. mobility security, and 3. cloud security. When it comes to mobility, it is important to address mobility security across the layers of the stack. This includes the communication layer, physical devices (hardware), operating systems, and mobile applications.

Securing mobility has to begin at the grassroots level by following a layered mobility security framework. Here are the top 7 benefits of this framework:

1. It supports the standardization of mobile eligibility, device types and service provisioning

2. It provides cost-effective mobility service and support

3. It offers a consistent level of end point security to help reduce risk and helps meet Regulatory Compliance requirements

4. It enables alignment with security and business objectives to help maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your networked resources

5. It incorporates best practices and strategies to help safeguard corporate information exposed through mobile devices

6. It promotes better alliance with your business lines by being prepared

7. It accelerates application deployment

Here is an outline of some of the recommended activities when establishing the mobility security framework.

Bindu Sundaresan Strategic Security Solutions Lead AT&T About Bindu