AT&T and HP: Working together for your business

  • HP joins the AT&T NetBond ecosystem.
  • NetBond creates a secure path between a company's AT&T VPN and a cloud service provider like HP.
  • Customers gain speed, reliability, and protection.

More and more enterprises are moving to the cloud with confidence, via AT&T NetbondSM. Most recently, HP has joined a growing number of providers in the AT&T NetbondSM ecosystem. AT&T and HP are also exploring the inclusion of AT&T NetbondSM in the HP Helion Network, HP’s new open source portfolio of cloud products and services.

AT&T NetbondSM creates a highly secure private path between a customer’s AT&T Virtual Private Network (VPN) and a cloud service provider such as HP. It flexes and scales network resources dynamically as a company’s cloud computing needs change.

“IDC’s research underscores the importance of the network dimension of cloud enablement and increasing interest in vendors that can deliver a more secure, optimized cloud solution,” said Melanie Posey with IDC.  “AT&T has established leadership in this domain by combining its impressive ecosystem of cloud solution providers with highly secure cloud connectivity options.”

Delivering a host of benefits

AT&T NetbondSM uses patented technology and helps businesses connect dynamically to HP’s services from any location on their private corporate networks,  giving HP’s customers who use the service the reliability, speed, protection, and performance of the AT&T global network. It also offers the simplicity, flexibility, and cost efficiency of the cloud.

“Business customers want high-speed connectivity and rock-solid security to protect vital data and applications in the cloud,” said Andy Geisse, CEO, AT&T Business Solutions. “As HP and other major cloud providers join our growing NetBond ecosystem, we are leading the movement to make cloud computing more attractive for many enterprise buyers.”

AT&T NetBond offers the following customer benefits:

  • Simplicity: Works seamlessly with existing AT&T VPN through APIs by creating an automated experience. Customers don’t need to order or manage any other equipment or access lines.
  • Savings: Provides network elasticity that automatically flexes with the needs of the cloud service. Companies can save as much as 60 percent on networking costs.
  • Performance: Delivers as much as 50 percent lower latency and 3x the availability when compared with the public Internet.
  • Security: Isolates traffic going directly to cloud platforms using the AT&T private global network, providing more protection from risks such as DDoS attacks.

Learn more about the AT&T NetbondSM offering.

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