The Shape of Things to Come

  • AT&T customers are preparing for new challenges with growth platforms.
  • From cybersecurity to cloud computing, growth platforms can help protect infrastructures, maximize operations, and improve service.

New technologies are creating new challenges for businesses. At AT&T, we have a special formula that is helping our customers deal with new challenges and create new solutions for their customers. What is that formula? In a word, or actually two, growth platforms.

These growth platforms run the gamut, from cyber security systems designed to help protect critical infrastructures, to cloud computing capabilities that help maximize operations, to big data analytics designed to improve customer service and better target products and services. Here are a few examples of solutions that stem from AT&T’s extensive networking and mobility capabilities.

Addressing consumer fraud

As consumers come to rely more and more on their smartphones to pay for purchases and conduct their banking, the need for an efficient method of establishing identity has grown. Payfone, a frontrunner in secure mobile identity authentication, is using our Mobile Identity API to help reduce fraud rates. Their customers appreciate the increased speed and security of their transactions. 

Increasing cyber security

Cyber security is a critical concern for many of our customers. We developed an external solution based on one we use ourselves. With the largest IP network in the world, AT&T processes billions of transactions daily; our intelligent network platform monitors these transactions and helps us to identify unusual behavior that could indicate a fraud. We now offer this powerful tool to help customers lessen the risk of cyber-attacks. In addition, our strategic relationship with IBM, announced in February, allows us to merge our own security capabilities with IBM’s event management tools to deliver a powerful new security solution. 

New areas to explore

AT&T is actively expanding growth platforms that help our business customers increase revenue growth, reduce churn, and create value for themselves and for their customers. Our mobile cloud solution is a case in point.  By combining our network, security, NetBond and cloud capabilities, AT&T can help minimize leaks of proprietary information by mobilized employees.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the opportunities ahead for growth platforms. I am excited about their potential … and our future. I hope you are as well.

Jon Summers Growth Platforms Senior Vice President AT&T About Jon