Shaping the workforce of the future

Demographic shifts, globalization trends, and technology advancements are shaping a new workplace and workforce. Connectivity infrastructures around the world are being enhanced, and people are continuing to adopt emerging technologies into their lives and work. Enterprises need to understand the challenges and opportunities they face as the world becomes more digitized, and develop ways to attract and retain talent that can capitalize on technology advancements in the workplace.

According to an Economist Intelligence Unit report commissioned by AT&T, “The Workforce of the Future: An assessment of technology proficiency”, an increase in international competition caused by globalization emphasizes the importance of developing a technologically capable labor force to attract business and foreign investment. The report is accompanied by a comprehensive custom index that measures the technological aptitude of national workforces across 56 countries and six categories:

  • Technology and connectivity infrastructure
  • Technology and society
  • Labor market
  • Education and technology skills
  • Government environment
  • Business environment.

But companies will need more than just a new type of employee. They’ll also need a new type of network, one that flexes easily to support agile business operations. This will require enterprises to work with a global provider with secure, integrated solutions and connected ecosystems to help them stay productive.

Read the report and explore the index to understand key trends, success drivers, and insights into the potential of various markets as you shape your strategic considerations.



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