Smart mobile supply chain solutions for retailers

  • The mobile-enabled supply chain helps retailers meet consumers' growing expectations.
  • Mobility and sensors give retailers new visibility into the supply chain and an improved ability to respond proactively.

At the 2014 National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show in New York City, mobility loomed large as omni-channel retailers prioritized capabilities that enable consumers to interact with retailers when and where they want. Shoppers are learning new behaviors every day. As soon as just one retailer enables a new shopping experience, customers expect that capability everywhere.


The tide of rising expectations

Reflect on how customers got accustomed to one online retailer’s two-day shipping service. This happened seemingly overnight, forcing retailers around the globe to change shipping policies and logistics practices. Fast-forward to the current day where omni-channel, distributed-order orchestration is becoming the norm. Now retailers leverage physical assets (stores and distribution centers) to make sure the connected consumer has ubiquitous access to products wherever they reside in the extended value chain. What’s next? Look no further than investments in distribution centers and logistics operations to next-day and even same-day shipping.

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Innovation at warp speed

An obvious pattern has emerged. The speed with which retailers must innovate — from both a customer-facing selling perspective and from a supply chain perspective — has dramatically increased. The only means to maintain parity in this hyper-competitive, fast-changing environment is to offload and orchestrate repetitive decision processes and instrument processes that require human input. Mobility amplifies retail efficiency and effectiveness, and paired with a variety of sensors, it supercharges visibility and sense-and-respond capabilities.

As you consider mobile supply chain opportunities, a provider that has worked with companies like yours and understands the concerns you have can help. Read more about how retailers are leveraging smart mobility in their supply chains in the IDC Retail Insights Analyst Connection, How Mobility-Based Smart Technology Can Optimize Retail Supply Chains.

How is your business supercharging its supply chain to meet changing market demands?

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