The solution is in the cloud

  • In a bank acquision, merging IT infrastructure while maintaining customer satisfaction is a challenge.
  • AT&T Netbond provides a streamlined cloud solution offering flexibility, security.

Even good changes bring challenges. Imagine you’re the CTO for one of the top 100 banks in the country when it acquires 84 branches from a competitor, but not the associated IT support. Your job is to maintain your business’s high marks for their exceptional customer service and employee satisfaction while migrating the acquired bank’s IT infrastructure. The bank had a lot to lose if it didn’t get this right.

This is the scenario represented in the illustrative use case here. In similar acquisition agreements, an acquiring bank’s IT department will have six months to migrate branch, ATM, HR and customer-related systems within federal and state-mandated timelines, or the bank will face financial penalties and customer and employee dissatisfaction. In addition, an agile development/test environment is needed  to allow consistent, secure, high-bandwidth access to the right resources and platforms and to protect existing banking operations and their performance.

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With  AT&T NetBondSM, a network-enabled cloud solution that allows customers to connect their AT&T MPLS VPN to multiple clouds for the delivery of business applications through fast and highly secure connectivity, a financial institution planning M&A activity could reap significant benefits. For example, this solution:

  • Provides an end-to-end seamless and highly secure environment from development to production to help avoid security breaches
  • Simplifies overall infrastructure management for testing operations with highly scalable, more flexible IT and network architecture
  • Shortens build times for pilot programs as processing and application resources are readily secured and released through the network enabled cloud
  • Helps reduce maintenance burdens
  • Improves time-to-market speed and ROI

With AT&T NetBond, a similar customer could have a “bank in a box” for testing and development, plus 35 terabytes of storage all delivered months in advance of the bank’s required deadline.

See the case study and learn more about NetBond solutions.

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