Solving the Security Puzzle in the Age of the Cloud

  • Traditional security approaches can't keep up with the vulnerabilities introduced by the cloud.
  • Cloud security solutions like AT&T Cloud Web Security are designed to provide flexible and scalable protection.

It’s the puzzle of the digital age – How do we protect the enterprise from security threats and continue to foster collaboration and innovation?

Security challenges are mounting nearly as quickly as solutions emerge to thwart would be attacks. IT departments are asked to do more with fewer resources. Security professionals are tasked with reducing vulnerabilities presented by the rapid adoption of cloud services and the needs of an increasingly mobile and collaborative workforce. Traditional approaches simply cannot keep up.

Cloud security solutions provide the flexibility, scalability and reach to protect across these multiple environments in a cost-effective way.   AT&T Cloud Web Security, built on Blue Coat’s Systems’ Security Policy and Enforcement Center, supports consistent global security policies whether users are working from wired, roaming, or mobile environments.

Read our latest press release to learn how AT&T’s on-demand cloud security solution is helping businesses reduce cost and complexity, remain protected from suspicious sites and viruses, control access to specific web applications, and seamlessly manage global policies and reporting.

What is your business doing to keep security cutting edge and cost-effective?
Andy Daudelin Vice President of Cloud AT&T About Andy