Speed and reliability offer patients peace of mind

A patient finds a lump. They anxiously call their doctor, wanting a quick diagnosis to put their mind at ease.

“You have cancer.”

Those are hard words to hear. Afraid and confused, they rely on their physician to offer the latest treatment options and best care possible. This is a scenario we know all too well at the Austin Cancer Center.

At the Austin Cancer Center, our highly trained and board-certified team has cared for thousands of patients for more than 40 years. Our team of healthcare professionals strive to leverage the best technology available for improved cancer treatment outcomes.

We have a long-standing reputation for excellence, innovation, and exceptionally personalized cancer care. Our patients look to us for a quick diagnosis. They rely on us for the best treatments we can offer. And this never leaves our minds.

Speed and reliability

When it comes to networking services, we need speed and reliability. By partnering with AT&T, we don’t have to choose between the two—we can have both.

With the agility of the AT&T Network on Demand platform, physicians, nurses, and family members have fast and reliable access to medical results. It helps our team of physicians have the information they need to quickly diagnose and begin treatment.

The flexibility and stability of the AT&T platform allows our team to increase or decrease bandwidth as needed. With the ability to send large data sets, AT&T lets us keep services in-house, giving our patients the convenience and comfort to stay with the staff they’re familiar with.

When a person trusts you with their life, you want the best resources available to make quick, informed decisions. “You have cancer,” are difficult words to say. When we say them at the Austin Cancer Center, we’re confident we have the latest technology to ensure the best results possible for our patients.


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