Speed IoT innovation with new developer starter kit

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This past fall, the analyst firm Gartner predicted that 6.4 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) will be in use worldwide in 2016. That’s a 30 percent jump from 2015. Gartner also estimated that 5.5 million new devices will connect to IoT every day this year.

That’s a lot of “things,” and a lot of potential for developers to create innovative apps.

But IoT development poses some challenges for even veteran developers—device capabilities, evolving architectures, and more. And those issues can hamper real innovation in the IoT space.

One-stop shop for IoT developers

Now, a new IoT starter kit from AT&T can help make it easier to jumpstart your project. Designed around an “IoT in a box” concept, the kit provides the tools you need for IoT innovation: connectivity, LTE hardware, application services, cloud storage, and more.

The kit is based on a “plug and play” model, so you don’t need to purchase a lot of new technology from different vendors to start a project. It’s essentially a one-stop shop that includes everything you need to build a solution from scratch and launch it in a matter of hours.

The starter kit includes:

  •          An LTE modem that runs on the AT&T LTE network
  •          An AT&T Global SIM, available free for six months
  •          An expandable development board that works with a wide range of plug-in sensors
  •          An API to monitor the network connection and data transfer
  •          Cloud storage to host, manage, and share data across multiple groups
  •          Access to AT&T Flow Designer, which helps developers launch IoT apps in minutes

IoT Starter Kit
A game-changing set of tools

You’ll have a chance to see the IoT starter kit in action during the upcoming developer hackathon at SHAPE, July 15-16 at AT&T Park in San Francisco. The kit will be part of the technology that developers will use to plan, create, and deploy IoT apps in 24 hours.

A comprehensive look at the kit, how it works, and other compatible AT&T IoT services are available on the IoT Starter Kit website.

You’ll also find instructions on the website for pre-ordering the version of the kit that best suits your development needs.

Having a complete set of tools to build solutions from scratch could be a game-changer for you and other tech innovators. For more information on how the IoT starter tool kit can help you go from concept to product, visit the IoT Starter Kit website.

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