Spider-Man and the Power of the Cloud

As an aficionado of Eastern philosophies, I ascribe to the theory that yin will always have a yang.  Consequently, the Cloud has a yin and yang.  And to quote Spider-Man, “With great power there must also come—great responsibility.”

Yin—Great Power.

The Cloud provides great power to anyone with a credit card: access to a large, or large number of, virtual server(s), storage, and apps. The servers are even available now as graphics processors.

Yang—Great Power in the Hands of Hackers.

The hacker community has put enormous effort into developing Trojans and other malware capable of creating huge botnets.  This requires some level of expertise, and more than a little effort.  But a person with bad intent and a stolen credit card can have infinite power in the Cloud. Moreover, graphics processors add a significant force-multiplier for cracking encryption.

And so we are faced with the task of ensuring that the Cloud is used for good. Here at AT&T, we are working on a strong security model, identity management, cloud governance and fraud prevention. Yet, yin will always have a yang. With power comes great responsibility.

Jeff Huegel Cyber Security Chief Architect AT&T About Jeff