Staying Safe in the Clouds

  • Network-enabled cloud solutions offer secure connections to external cloud resources.
  • AT&T NetBond connects a company's AT&T VPN to its choice of leading cloud service provider platforms.

Public Cloud. Private Cloud. Hybrid Cloud. There’s little dispute that it’s cloudy out there with a forecast of more clouds to come. In fact, IDC predicts more than 80 percent of new applications will be deployed or distributed via the cloud and that cloud platforms will gradually displace the client/server approach as the dominant model for application and solution delivery by 2017. (IDC “U.S. Hosting Infrastructure Services 2013–2017 Forecast” Doc # 240897 May 2013.)

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While the benefits to employing cloud technology are numerous, potential pitfalls do exist when shifting workloads to one or more cloud providers. There are enough security issues associated with cloud computing that enterprises have concerns about moving critical applications and data to just any cloud. A viable alternative is a network-enabled cloud.

Network-enabled cloud solutions provide highly secure connections to external cloud resources, merging the control, protection and performance advantages of a private cloud with the economies and elasticity of a public cloud.

AT&T’s solution in this arena is AT&T NetBondSM, which links AT&T MPLS VPNs to cloud platforms, to provide seamless access to enterprise applications and data. AT&T NetBond connects a customer’s AT&T VPN to a choice of leading cloud service provider’s platforms, isolating traffic from other customer traffic and creating a highly-secure cloud solution.

In addition to providing enterprise-grade security, this technology allows both the network and cloud resources to scale or contract in tandem and on-demand, rapidly accommodating workload changes. AT&T NetBond is perfect for enterprises that want to avoid exposure to the Internet and protect against the risk of DDoS attacks while deploying a very accessible, high-performance connection to their cloud resources.

A network-enabled cloud solution, like AT&T NetBondSM, helps free companies from worrying about technology challenges, such as performance and security, and focus instead on their own business. Network-enabled clouds allow the benefits promised by cloud solutions, including speed to market, lowered costs and better performance without sacrificing control, security, or performance of mission-critical workloads.

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