“Step Out” Of The Conference To Avoid A Pickle

We’re not referring to the classic sandwich sidekick. We’re talking about “being in a pickle”—a tough situation. And just like the fermented fruit, the situational pickle comes in as many varieties as there are shades of green. However, there’s one particularly nerve-racking type to watch out for: the Web conference pickle.

Hold the dill—and the phone

Imagine that you and your colleagues at Peter’s Peppered Pickles are in the middle of an important Web conference with Duke’s Cukes. While discussing a potential partnership, you hear that there’s an emergency on the factory canning line. Pickles are piling up everywhere—fast. Do you abandon the conference and put the business deal in jeopardy? Or do you stay on the call and risk a “code green” emergency? You’re stuck between a cured cucumber and a hard place.

Of course, even if you don’t run a gherkin factory, there are plenty of situations in which the dreaded Web conference pickle can pop up.

Fortunately, there is a solution designed to help anyone avoid this spicy situation. The “Step Out” feature allows a participant to leave and rejoin a conference without disrupting the discussion. When enabled, the “Step Out” feature alerts others that you’ve stepped away and mutes your microphone.  It’s just one of the many features that makes collaboration easier—and keeps pickles safely between two slices of bread.

Have you ever been caught in a tough situation during a Web conference?
Lisanne Powers Unified Communications Lead Marketing Communications Manager AT&T About Lisanne