Stepping into the golden age of IoT app development

  • IoT developers made their mark at AT&T's recent Developer Summit and Hackathon.

  • As more solution components and developer tools are now available, the golden age of IoT development is ready to begin.

If you like application development, talk about getting the year started with a bang! Last week, AT&T held its flagship Developer Summit and Hackathon right before the International CES (Consumer Electronic Show) at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.

Enterprise developers large and small saw a window into what’s next from AT&T and had a chance to show off their IoT chops. During the keynote, attendees saw innovative new industrial IoT solutions from Emerson and Rockwell Automation.

At the Hackathon, more than 700 developers showed up to build an app worthy of winning one of the many prizes, including some of the more than $100,000 that was up for grabs.

After 48 hours of intense programming, IoT was the obvious star. Over half of the developers in the audience chose to work IoT technology into their projects. They also leveraged one or both of AT&T’s new IoT services, the M2X Data Service and AT&T Flow Designer, including the grand prize winner.

Poised to fulfill the promise of technology

I had the great pleasure of hosting the IoT track sessions at the event. During the course of listening to the various presenters, I couldn’t help but feel that we are about to enter a golden age of IoT application development, where the tools and components to create new solutions are finally catching up to fill the promise of technology. As we all know, when that happens, watch out!

In the smartphone world, the app explosion took a number of years to come about. I know this intimately, because I worked with dozens of app developers between 2001 and 2007 who built great mobile applications. Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep the lights on long enough to enjoy the boom. It was only when the tools and distribution channels caught up to the market promise that the mobile apps juggernaut took off.

Likewise, many developers in the early years of IoT have had to struggle, because solution components and developer tools haven’t been available or economical enough to make things work for a mainstream customer base. But those days are soon to be forgotten as we approach what promises to be a truly golden age of IoT application development.

One look at the IoT apps shown during our Developer Summit or the plethora of IoT announcements coming out of CES shows just how close we are. So if you are a developer or an enterprise looking to leverage IoT in your business, there has never been a better time to get started.

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