Successful Cloud Strategy: Choice Is Key

  • Companies consider scalability and ROI when considering next-gen cloud architectures.

  • AT&T NetBond may result in up to 3x greater availability and 60% savings on networking costs.

When it comes to cloud solutions, one size doesn’t fit all. This is an important consideration when virtually every CIO today is assessing a cloud-based model as an opportunity to modernize the company’s applications and create business advantage through greater agility and flexibility.

How they go about this task will vary widely. To some, it’s “how do we develop a private cloud to better scale our business?” To others, it might be “how do we leverage one or more public cloud providers?” Still others will require a combination of these approaches.

Cloud Considerations

However, one thing is fairly constant as cloud adoption advances: decision makers are not just following the hot technology buzz when they consider their next-generation cloud architectures. They are balancing business needs, such as market differentiation, economics/ROI and scalability, with a build-vs.-buy analysis (including a critical assessment of their own cloud skills and ability to execute).

Of course, they can’t lose sight of the enterprise IT table stakes (security, performance and reliability), as well as the need for legacy application integration. This is resulting in multiple unique architectures for each business based on their individual situation and business requirements.

Almost no one is doing forklift upgrades just for the sake of migrating to the cloud.

Alliances Expand Options

I see a hybrid landscape evolving in which companies require choice. That’s why AT&T introduced AT&T NetBondSM and our network-enabled cloud: tightly integrating our virtual private network (VPN) technology and services with the AT&T and key partners’ clouds to create a seamless on-net service that delivers an enterprise-class solution with performance, cost and security advantages.

And, most importantly, we give companies the choice of the cloud solution they need.

Leading providers such as CSC, IBM, Equinix, Microsoft, Salesforce and, most recently, HP are joining our network-enabled cloud ecosystem., for example, offers a very different cloud solution than we do; theirs is a purpose-built software-as-a-service (SaaS) application for a unique CRM use case.

Equinix, on the other hand, doesn’t actually offer its own cloud; rather, it hosts many cloud providers as part of its cloud marketplace. As we extend AT&T NetBondSM into Equinix facilities can network-enable some of the cloud solutions they host, providing yet another way to expand customer choices in the AT&T network-enabled cloud ecosystem.

Systems integrators such as CSC and IBM are also using AT&T NetBondSM in larger cloud-based solutions they are creating to modernize customers’ IT and deliver enterprise-class solutions.

A Seamless ‘On-net’ Cloud

Today you see many telecommunications providers moving into the private network space for cloud—a testament that this is an important piece of the cloud value proposition. But AT&T NetBondSM is more than alliances with other providers and direct connections to various data centers.

We engineered NetBondSM to work in concert with our alliance partners’ clouds. This means we opened up our network controls by enabling API access from cloud service provider-partners so they can operate seamlessly as part of our network. The network doesn’t just connect to the cloud—the cloud service is actually part of the enterprise network.

NetBondSM interconnections with any of our cloud provider-partners will enable any-to-any connectivity for any on-net user. They feature built-in redundancy and—unlike a fixed private connection—automated network scalability. So the scalability you expect from a cloud solution extends all the way through the enterprise network. All this may result in as much as 50% lower latency, up to 3 times availability and as much as 60% savings on networking costs.

When Security Matters

Looking at today’s sophisticated IT environments and the pervasive attacks that have become commonplace, it’s clear that guarding your perimeter with the traditional purpose-built appliances is no longer sufficient. The situation calls for a more dynamic, network-based approach to security.

NetBondSM moves cloud into the private IP space, so you run within the confines of your private network—not a public Internet domain. Think of it as an enterprise-centric, highly secure fashion of operating your cloud solution.

Learn More from the Webcast

On May 28 I participated in the Cowen and Company 42nd Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference, where I went into more detail on AT&T’s approach to providing enterprise customers with the right cloud solutions for their business. Listen the webcast to learn more.


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